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Wisdom teeth: what’s the difference between impaction and eruption?

wisdomHere at Sure Dental we want to serve up a handful of nice hard facts about your third molars.

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the very back teeth on either side of your mouth. They usually develop in your mid-teens to mid-twenties, and can cause you a lot of headache. We see many patients that need to have them removed and they usually have some questions.

You may have the same questions so let’s answer them today

  • Do wisdom teeth always have to be removed?

No, this is likely one of the most common misconceptions. Not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth removed, but it is very important that you get a check-up and ask Dr Ghobrial about it around your mid-teens or when you start feeling pain. This way we can track your development progress and see how your wisdom teeth are growing before they cause any dramas.

  • What happens when my wisdom teeth erupt?

It is quite literal really – your teeth are ‘erupting’ from your gums and break through the surface. Often times, a tooth moves in stages which could mean it is only ‘partially erupted’ during this process.

Unfortunately, partially erupted teeth are not always friendly either. Sometime the teeth may break the surface but still remain in the jawbone indefinitely. This can cause infection and may eventually teethmean your tooth needs removal. Please, consult with Dr Ghobrial for more information.

  • What does it mean if my wisdom teeth are impacted?

When the jawbone doesn’t have enough room for the third molars, they can develop on angle. This means that the teeth can’t erupt properly and have become ‘impacted’. They are also pushing against the other natural teeth.

  • Why would I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Removal of wisdom teeth could be necessary for several reasons, including:

– Impacted or even just regular wisdom teeth can make your teeth become crowded

Forget your orthodontic work! Your wisdom tooth has the capacity to push all your teeth in different directions and mess it all up. It doesn’t happen to everyone though so make sure you attend a check-up as soon as possible to see how your wisdom teeth are developing.

– Your impacted wisdom tooth is likely damaging its neighbour

The pressure from your wisdom tooth comes with a cost. As it rubs against its adjacent tooth it can cause extensive damage to the other tooth’s root, producing a kind of erosive cavity.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Here at Sure Dental we have the facilities to perform your wisdom teeth extractions in the dental practice without the added expenses of hospital costs. The treatment can be carried out under local anaesthetic in a single appointment.

For those who prefer to have them removed under sedation, we will refer you to our expert team of oral maxillofacial surgeons.

Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your wisdom teeth.

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