What do you need to be aware of about sparkling water around the festive season?

With the popularity of sparkling water on the rise, more people are shifting away from sugary sodas. Many patients and friends have expressed concerns over whether or not carbonated water is damaging their teeth.

A benefit of unflavoured sparkling water is it’s sugar free, however, it is acidic. All acidity weakens teeth, but it is the amount of time in contact with the teeth, as well as the level of acidity, that determines how much damage can occur. Sparkling water gets its fizz from carbon dioxide, which in your mouth becomes carbonic acid, giving you that refreshing sensation.

Although your teeth are in contact with the carbonic acid in these beverages, the level of acidity in most sparkling water is much less harmful than sodas and fruit juices. Unfortunately, many of these fizzy waters are flavoured with citrus juices, which can make them more harmful.

As with most things we enjoy, moderation is the key. Consumption of fizzy water in the festive season is safe for your teeth, especially those without added flavouring. Be mindful of what is in your sparkling water. Those with more citrus flavours or sugar added can increase the risk of damage to your enamel.

A few tips on how you can still enjoy a nice glass of sparkling water:

  • Enjoy in one sitting or with meals to limit the exposure to your teeth.
  • Replacing lime or lemon with cucumber and mint.
  • Adding half plain water and half carbonated water not only weakens the effects but also provides fluoridated water into your refreshment.
  • Rinsing out with plain water will help minimise the effects by neutralizing the oral environment.

Please make sure to look after your teeth this festive season. Your teeth will thank you.

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