State-of-the-art Facilities


Our facilities are state-of-the-art, from computerised management systems right through to our specialised sterilising equipment.

Our purpose-built facility also offers a few extra exciting technologies that allow us to complete your treatment in a comfortable and more efficient manner.

The latest in dentistry technology

Intra-oral camera

This is a pen-shaped instrument that holds a tiny digital camera at its tip and is used to show you an enlarged image of your teeth on a computer screen. It is an excellent form of education allowing you to understand any concern with your teeth or oral soft tissues.

Digital x-rays

These images are of higher resolution than film images and will be stored in computer memory, from which they can be easily retrieved. The chemical waste associated with film processing is eliminated. Most significantly, patients are only exposed to one tenth the x-ray dosage typically delivered by conventional x-ray methods.


Our specialised microscope allows us to check the immune and bacterial activity in your plaque. This can help us understand the cause of inflammation in your soft tissue and tailor your treatment accordingly.


Dental lasers provide safe, minimally invasive treatment options, and are developed through extensive research within the academic, medical and dental communities. We provide dental lasers for soft-tissue procedures as well as for tooth whitening and diagnostic purposes.


In some circumstances it may be necessary for us to view larger radiographs of your mouth, which will include your jaw joints and parts of your sinuses. This radiograph is particularly useful for treatments that require detailed information such as implant treatment or wisdom teeth removal. Using the latest digital technology this radiograph is available instantly, emits much less radiation than conventional systems and can be seen more clearly using computer enhancement software technology.


During your dental treatment, we are pleased to provide DVD or TV programmes so that you can relax and catch up with the latest entertainment, your favourite music CD or news programmes.

An LCD screen is attached to the ceiling and sound is provided by speakers or wireless headphones. This can be especially useful if you require a longer appointment to complete your treatment. Please feel free to bring along your favourite DVD or music CD if you so desire.

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