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A number of our patients choose to undergo dental facial treatment to make the most out of a cosmetic dental treatment. So those wrinkles, fine lines or think lips do not distract from the appearance of your smile.Muscle-relaxing injectables have traditionally been used for cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatment, but have been found to be a highly effective and safe way to treat TMJ/TMD disorder. This is because the injectable numbs the nerve receptors in the muscles which initiate movement and contractions. Over-active muscle contraction or overuse due to stress and bruxism is a common cause of TMD/TMJ Disorder. This is why we recommend muscle relaxants as a way to overcome pain in the jaw. This treatment will weaken the targeted muscles, whilst leaving enough strength for normal use which means that your chewing and speaking function will not be affected. This treatment can relieve the side effects of TMD such as tooth grinding and clenching.

Muscle relaxants usually last approximately 4 months and offer significant improvement when it comes to the comfort of your jaw. Most people find that this length of time makes a big difference to the way they feel every day and their quality of life.

Sure Dental offer Dysport and lip enhancements to all patients who are interested in making the most of cosmetic dentistry.

Lip enhancements are one of the most popular treatments for the lips, as they are part of your smile. This treatment can restore volume lost with age or add volume to lips. Having more refined lines and luscious lips can improve your smile and enhance how you can apply your lipstick.