Dental examination in North Brisbane

Continued care with Sure Dental

Visiting our exceptional hygiene team for your regular preventive care appointments ensures you are getting the best level of education, treatment and care so we can help you keep your teeth for life.

Sure Dental is focused on preventive dentistry, so patients are educated on the health benefits of seeing a Dental Hygienist biannually. Our highly experienced team will provide you with a personalised home care regime to maintain and enhance your smile. Our existing patients know the health benefits of their preventive care appointments so we are happy to assist them secure their next appointment prior to leaving. This is all part of our exclusive level of care to assist you maintain optimum oral health and keep your teeth for life.

Hygiene Treatment in the privacy of our dental practice

Our highly trained Dental Hygienists Jess Younger and Suzie Bowen are committed to providing you with exceptional oral care and education. If necessary, they will also help you overcome gum disease and other periodontal issues.

We strive to form a partnership with you to reach and maintain optimal oral health. State-of-the-art technology and continuing education locally and internationally allows our registered Dental Hygienists to deliver the best care possible. Our hygienists have extensive training, education, and experience in the care of aesthetic dental work. Along with good home care, regular professional cleans are essential to protect the appearance and function of your smile.

What is involved in our dental examination?

Dental examinations include:

  • Oral Cancer screen
  • Digital X-rays to ensure everything is healthy between teeth and under existing restorations
  • An evaluation of your smile

An educational Intra-Oral Camera tour of your mouth Your Dentist, Dr Ghobrial, will provide you with a tour of your mouth using our state of the art Intra-Oral camera, ensure your teeth are free of decay and identify any areas of concern. Should you require any further treatment; an itemised treatment plan will be provided outlining your treatment requirements. During your appointments your appointed Clinical Coordinator will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed whilst enjoying a movie or some music while we provide you with exceptional clinical excellence to enhance your beautiful smile

Our wonderful Dentist, Dr Ghobrial, will address any concerns you may have and will prepare a plan outlining your ideal treatment options. A mutually suitable appointment time will be arranged to finalise your treatment recommendations.  Our wonderful Administration Coordinators will ensure your specific appointment requirements are met.

Disease prevention is an important part of oral health

One of the biggest risks that can be hard to treat is gum disease. Gum disease can be an extremely detrimental condition which can lead to tooth loss and inflamed gums. Once this disease progresses from the gingivitis (gum inflammation) stage it can become incurable. Once you have reached this point you will always have an increased risk of tooth loss and you will require more frequent preventive care appointments as well as a more stringent oral hygiene routine. We will do everything we can to prevent you from getting to this stage but there is only so much we can do if you don’t visit us. This is why it’s always important to visit us for your hygiene and preventive care appointments – to ensure serious disease and decay doesn’t develop.

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