Sure Dental is proud to be an independent dental practice.

Sure Dental chooses to be an independent dental practice, owned by Dentists and not Corporations.  Thankfully, this allows us to provide our patients with diagnosed treatment requirements and avoids health fund intervention.  Being an independent Practice also allows us to provide our patients with the exceptional care and treatment they deserve.

There is no set fee register created by any Governing body and there are certainly no recommended fees outlined by the Australian Dental Association.  Corporation owned Dental Practices contracted to health funds have a set fee schedule as dictated by the insurance company, with the fee variation between privately owned Dental practices and corporation practices causing confusion for patients in regards to not only the cost associated with dental services but the quality of care.

How do Sure Dental fees compare?

Regular fee comparison reviews are undertaken with other independent dental practices to ensure we are comparable.  We feel that our fees reflect the high quality of clinical care, technology, and materials used in conjunction with the exceptional level of service and care we provide each and every one of our patients.

We have HICAPS facilities within each of our private clinical rooms which enable health fund rebates to be processed and received at the conclusion of your appointment.

When comparing fees between dental practices it is important to consider:

  • Are they are an independent dental practice or contracted to a health insurance company or owned and managed by a corporation?
  • Is any work (crowns, veneers) prepared in a dental laboratory made of TGA approved materials and can it be tracked accordingly? Is the said work sent offshore through Australian based laboratories?
  • Are they are an accredited practice?
  • Is there sufficient time scheduled to perform optimal treatment and is the level of service provided during and after treatment of an extremely high standard?


Benefits of choosing Sure Dental

Our facilities are state-of-the-art, from computerised management systems right through to our specialised sterilising equipment.  Our purpose-built facility also offers a few extra exciting technologies that allow us to complete your treatment in a comfortable and more efficient manner.

We schedule adequate time to ensure our patients have an outstanding experience with us.  We use only high quality materials designed for optimal longevity and performance.

We are pleased to be one of few Practices in Queensland to have received full Accreditation by the Australian Dental Association which guarantees your safety.

Many dental practices outsource the production of their crown and ceramic work to overseas companies. These companies are not regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia.  A portion of this product from the overseas labs may be of reasonable standard, however others may provide poorer quality colour matching, fit, and construction. Some of these overseas manufacturers may use substandard materials that may not be TGA approved.

At Sure Dental, your crown is unique.

The laboratory we utilize is owned by a Master Ceramist who takes great pride in the work he will prepare for you.   Your crown will not be prefabricated. It will be individually hand crafted by the Ceramist using different layers depending on the unique characteristics he needs to produce for you.  The colours he incorporates in your crown will be based on the shades he will record at your appointment with him.

All materials used are the best available, they comply with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration Standards and, for your safety, the certified identification of materials used in your crown will be documented.

You can be assured your crown will certainly be of the highest quality available in the world.

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