Dental Crowns North Brisbane

Immaculate bridges, crowns and veneers made by our Master Ceramist

A dental crown is a highly aesthetic, functional and long lasting restoration. This type of restoration is particularly ideal if your tooth has become unstable due to extensive decay, fracture or continual breakage.

Dental crowns are made from a highly aesthetic porcelain material that encases a damaged or irregularly shaped tooth. They are fabricated by our Master Ceramist using a detailed mould following your crown preparation procedure. You will meet with our Ceramist to ensure that we have created a customised restoration that is colour matched and fits precisely to your tooth and melds with your smile.

Crowns are a fabulous, aesthetic way to restore a tooth that has suffered the effects of decay or fracture. They can also be cared for easily in the same way as you would care for your healthy teeth.

Crowns are often used as a part of an overall smile makeover

Crowns may be recommended to protect teeth that have recently had root canal treatment, to prevent further fracture of a tooth or to protect a cracked tooth. Crowns have many benefits when it comes to your smile:

  • They restore the structure of your tooth
  • They protect your tooth from further damage
  • They enhance aesthetics

They replace a significant area of tooth, which is why they’re often recommended in place of an onlay or inlay.

Dental Bridges North Brisbane

A dental bridge can improve the function of your smile and the appearance

Dr Ghobrial uses his wealth of experience and knowledge in determining if a dental bridge or an implant is most suited in your situation. Both of these solutions replace missing teeth, although a dental implant is the preferred and ideal solution in most situations.

What’s the difference between implants and bridges?

Implants involve a titanium screw which acts as a prosthetic tooth anchor. This is then restored with an abutment and then a solid crown. A dental bridge is usually two crowns joined with one solid crown in the middle. The two crowns attach to existing teeth and a bridge will replace the missing tooth. Dental bridges are more likely to need replacing in the future while dental implants permanently forge with your natural jawbone in a process called osseointegration. Because of this, they have the capacity to last a lifetime.

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