Cracked Tooth Syndrome

If you are subjecting your teeth to the stresses of chewing or biting down on ice, hard sweets and other similar foods, then there is a possibility you may cause your teeth to crack, even teeth that are free of restorations can succumb, although teeth with silver fillings are the most susceptible.

Signs and symptoms include:

Visible cracks in teeth evident in your dental examination
Pain when chewing
Pain when cold air is exposed to tooth
Sensitive to sweet foods
Pain when pressure is removed from the tooth with a crack

The majority of cracks found in teeth are small and can be repaired easily by placing a crown over the tooth to strengthen and protect it.

We may place a temporary crown initially to ensure that the crack has been fully repaired and there is no further pain. If so, the final crown will be fitted at the next appointment.

Occasionally a crack is severe enough to involve the pulp (nerve) of the tooth and if pain persists after placement of the temporary crown, you may require root canal therapy before the permanent crown is placed.

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